Inexpensive honeymoon packages

They say your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. However with the average UK wedding coming in at more than £27,000 it can also be the most costly. Fortunately with our tips you can find a selection of inexpensive honeymoon packages so you and your loved one can start your lives together in style.  

The truth about wedding prices 

When you put the word wedding in front of anything, the price seems to double, triple and even quadruple in some cases. That goes for parties, catering, dresses, accessories and of course honeymoons. Service providers and suppliers know people like to splash out when it comes to their big day so they push up their prices. However, the secret of getting the best deal on honeymoon packages is about more than shopping around, it is about picking the most affordable places at the time of year you want to go. 

Long haul destinations will cost more to visit and it is generally more expensive to travel to European holiday destinations in summer than any other time as this is peak season but if you avoid late July and August you will get a better deal. May, September and October tend to be cheapest. May is the start of the holiday season in Europe and by September and October it tends to be winding down. To get the best deal it is better to go at these times. However there are a few destinations which are warm all year round; the Canary Islands have year round sun and while it is warmest in the summer months it is still nice outside the peak season. 

How to find inexpensive honey moon packages 

The key thing is to avoid the W word (wedding). Instead of grabbing all the honeymoon brochures from the travel agents and spending a fortune on your wedding break, be savvy. Think about where you would like to spend your first days as a married couple together. There are plenty of beautiful resorts all over the world but honeymoon packages to these resorts will be eye-wateringly expensive so rather than get the honeymoon suite, choose a nicer room maybe still a suite or luxury room but with less bells and whistles. You can still order extras like champagne or fancy meals without booking the most expensive room. 

It is nice to push the boat out when you get married but you don't have to get into thousands of pounds worth of debt to have a nice honeymoon. Creating your own honeymoon package could save you a fortune. 

Where can I get an inexpensive honeymoon package

Europe will generally be the post affordable place to book a honeymoon package. It isn't far from the UK and many budget airlines serve the most popular holiday destinations. If you are going between May and October then you will get some lovely weather and if you visit popular resorts you will get the best deals. Greece, Spain and the Balearic islands, The Canary Islands and the Algarve remain firm favourites with British tourists so this is where you are likely to find most deals. 

If you want to keep costs down then it could be worth going to an all inclusive hotel. Not having to worry about food and drink will help you keep a handle on your budget and if you don't want to leave your hotel then you won't have to.

Generally it is cheaper to book a holiday at the start of the season in May or towards the end of the season between September and October. 

How to make affordable honeymoons extra special

To avoid your honeymoon feeling like an ordinary holiday email the hotel after you have booked and tell them that you will be on your honeymoon. They can't bump up the prices at this point but it might help you bag some special treatment once you are there. 

Airport lounges help to give a holiday more of a luxurious start and finish so by booking these you can enjoy some lavish treatment while travelling. Many of them have comfortable seats, include food and drinks and a choice of films, magazines and leisure facilities.

If you have decided to book room only or self catering accommodation then see if you can find a fancy restaurant locally. Book ahead and tell them you are on your honeymoon so that you can get a nice table. Even if you can't do this every night of your stay it would be nice to do it the first or even final night of your stay. 

Honeymoons are all about romance and special touches can make a big difference. If you are looking for a break away from your children then why not opt for an adults only hotel? 



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