How to get the best deal on holiday insurance cover

You have booked your holiday and you are counting down the days until you can enjoy some R&R somewhere nice but one thing you might not have consider is holiday insurance cover. Shopping for travel insurance isn't as exciting as buying bikinis or sunglasses but it is something you will need especially if you are travelling abroad

It is worth getting holiday insurance cover even if you don't have existing health issues 

Many people think it is only worth paying for insurance if they already have a disability or medical condition but while most policies do cover you for hospital or doctors visits,it can also be helpful for other issues like theft or damage of your property, cancellation, loss of tickets, money or passports and much more. When you have travel insurance you can rest assured if anything does go wrong you will be covered.

So how do you get the best deal on travel insurance?

It is usually best not to buy insurance with your tour operator as it is often much more expensive. It is better to shop around. Use comparison sites as you would if you were buying home or car insurance and consider what you need. If you only go on holiday once a year then single trip cover will be best but if you travel a bit you will be better off with annual multi-trip insurance. European cover is usually cheaper than a worldwide policy. Go Compare is a great place to start,       click here to visit their site.

Consider who are you travelling with

If you are travelling alone then a single policy will be great. However, if you are going on holiday with your family or as a couple then family insurance or a couple policy might be more affordable than buying individual cover. 

Are you already covered?

Some premium credit cards and bank account often include travel insurance as standard.Before you fork out on a policy make sure you aren't already covered. It could save you cash. 

Choose the right cover for you

You might think that it is worth selecting a policy with a large excess to save a few quid but it could cause problems if you try and claim. After all if the excess is £400 and you lose items worth £500 then you will only get £100 back. Make sure you choose a policy that covers everything you need from health to valuables and cash. Sometimes it is better to spend a few more pounds on your policy to ensure your excess is lower. It could really make the difference if you need to claim. 


It is wise to take out your insurance around the same time as you book your holiday because it will ensure that you are covered if for any reason you can't go or flights are cancelled. It is rare but it is worth considering as holidays are a big expense. Always carry you insurance documents with you. Preferably on your person but not in your hold luggage as this could go missing and your papers are proof that you have insurance.