10 ways to get a free holiday

Free holidays are the thing of dreams but they can become you reality if you know where to look. Fortunately we know a few places where you can bag a gratis break, and no you don't have to hide in someone's suitcase. Here's just a few ways you can get a free holiday, so stop stressing over the pennies and get reading. 

1. Go wild camping

Camping is one of the cheapest ways to holiday and if you have enough gadgets and home comforts it can be a bit less rustic. Unfortunately site fees can mount up so if you want to enjoy some time in the wilderness why not try wild camping? Pitching up a tent by a lake or mountain is free but in England and Wales you can be asked to move on. However, in many parts of Europe wild camping is permitted. If you do decide to take the plunge make sure you don't stay too long, be careful  not to disturb the wildlife and make sure you clean up your rubbish. 

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2. Couch surf the modern way

Many people across the world are willing to let you sleep on their sofa and while you are visiting, show you the local sites, share insights and cultural gems and let you experience life in their country for free. There is a whole community dedicated to it and you aren't even obliged to return the favour so if you want to have genuine cultural experiences, open your mind and make new friends then couch surfing is the way to go. You can find out more about it and join the online community at https://www.couchsurfing.com/

3.Swap your home for another 

Ever seen the film The Holiday? Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swap homes for Christmas and both have wonderful adventures. We can't promise you will find your own Jude Law but if you are tired of looking at the same four walls then sign up for a temporary home exchange service. You let them use your home while you use theirs. Some are luxurious while others are cosy but if you need to spend some time in another country or city then it is a fab solution. Many people become friends as a result of their swap. Sign up here >> https://www.homeexchange.com/en/

4. Take care of someone's house


5. Help out on a farm or small holding 

It isn't as glam as staying at a five star hotel but helping out on a farm or small holding is an ideal way to learn about how they work, meet new people and spend time outdoors. Okay it does involve a wee bit of work but it is a great way to spend some time somewhere wonderful and all your food and accommodation is included. You can find farms across the globe on World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms' website. They do charge a small joining fee but it is worth it for the info) http://www.wwoof.org.uk/

6.Unleash your creative side

If you are a budding artist or undiscovered musician then you could be eligible for a free stay at the France's glorious Languedoc region. Exchange your artistic talents for a stay at the charming 12th century Muse Inn. Writers, muscians and visual artists are all welcome to haggle their way to a free stay in return for their creativity. Visit  their website for more details  http://lamuseretreat.com/ 

7.Arrange an activity holiday for your pals

Playing travel agent might not be the most exciting thing to do but if you can convince your pals to allow you to arrange a group holiday for them then you might be able to blag yourself a free place. Many holiday companies allow one free place for bookings of four people or more especially if you book in advance so be savvy and useful for a free break in the sun. This site offers free places to group leaders >>>https://www.action-outdoors.co.uk/groups

8. Unwind at a retreat

If you need to get away from it all just for a few days then a retreat might well be the answer. They are usually set in tranquil areas and offer yoga and meditation as part of the experience. Most are at Buddhist Centres and Monastries with the opportunity to enjoy vegetarian food and  rejuvenate. Most are free but welcome voluntary donations. Visit the Global Retreat Centre's website for more information>> https://www.globalretreatcentre.org/

9. Rock up to a festival 

Many festivals charge a fortune for the privilege of  spending time under the stars with activities, music and mud. However some are free and if you enjoy nothing more than trying new things and meeting new people on your own or with friends and family then visit http://www.free-events.co.uk/

10. Spend some time on the seas 

Always pictured yourself on a super yacht? Well, you can be part of the crew even if you don't know an anchor from a sail. Yacht owners are always looking for crews and that includes waitresses, chefs and hosts. Some even have VIP guests so it is great for star spotting too.