Pefkos, Rhodes, Greece:

A tourist guide

Pefkos, Rhodes, Greece a tourist guide

Nestled beneath the Emerald mountains on the east coast of Rhodes, in Greece, is Pefkos. This stunning little resort marries Greek hospitality with modern amenities, and it is truly a match made in heaven. I first visited Pefkos three years ago and I have been back every year since. 

Pefkos is to Rhodes what the sun is to the sky.  There are just a few low rise hotels dotted around the resort and the restof the resort is made up of restaurants, villas and sweet smelling pine trees. The largest beach (Lee beach) is at the end of the main road in the centre of the village. Its golden sand and turquoise ocean is idyllic and if you stroll down on a Sunday evening to watch the sunset you might just get a soundtrack of live music from the ocean front, Kyma restaurant.

Pefkos, Rhodes:the pool bar resort

Most of the time when you go on holiday you can only use the pool at your own hotel but in Pefkos, if you buy some food or a drink, you can use the pools at any of the other hotels, tavernas or restaurants. It gives a new flavour to your holiday every day you are there. One day you can be enjoying a cocktail at the swim up bar at the Pefki Island hotel. The next you can be relaxing on a hammock at the Anixis Taverna. It is a great way to help you get to know everyone in Pefkos. 

Either side of the main beach are two lovely coves. I love Lee beach but my favourite beach is a cove at the bottom of a slope near Philosophia Taverna. The warm shallow waters there are perfect for young children to paddle in and if you take some bread with you, you can feed the fish that swim beneath. 

In the evening, the village comes alive with lignts, music and the laughter of small children. Pefkos has long been a popular resort for families. Most of the bars have something for kids whether that is a bouncy castle, a trampoline or a play area.  Jasmine bar was one of my favourites. The cocktails are amazing and they often have face painting for the children. 

On your trip to Pefkos, Rhodes be sure to take a trip to Lindos

On the other side of Lee Beach is another cove where you can take a trip on a glass bottom boat to Lindos. Follow the signs from the main road and for 20 euros you can go on a fun filled trip. It isn't far but the journey is relaxing and the views of the mountain range and bay are amazing. 

Lindos is busier than Pefkos but the layout of the historical centre hasn't changed in hundreds of years and is still made up of tiny winding streets selling Greek souvenirs and tasty food. It is  quite a trek so you might want to take a donkey. They are the only mode of transport in this charming little place and they are pretty quick for mules. 

Make sure you visit the Acropolis in Lindos

An ancient castle crowns the top of the hill. It is a UNESCO heritage site and if you are a bit of a history buff, you will love it. It is amazing how well preserved the ruins are. Even the steps and pillars are still intact despite the fact they are ancient. 

Where to eat in Pefkos

Most people who visit Pefkos stay in self catering apartments so there are a lot of fantastic restaurants and traditional Greek tavernas where you can eat.  For a light lunch head to Lee Beach restaurant or Alexandra's  for a gyros. If you haven't had a gyros yet, you are in for a treat. It is a scrumptious infusion of chopped kebab meat and fries with salad. 

The choice of eateries around the village is extensive, so even if you fancy an Indian, a Chinese or an Italian meal, you will be able to find it. 

If you want something a bit more fancy then head to Kyma for your evening meal. It is the upstairs section of Lee Restaurant and if you go just before the sun goes down, they will pull back the foldable windows so you can watch it set. The sunsets in Pefkos are breathtaking especially with the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore. 

What are the people in Pefkos like?

In Pefkos, you will experience Greek hospitality at its best. The people are warm and welcoming, and they are what make it for me. They make you feel part of the community whether you are there for a short break or a few weeks.

Pefkos is one of the most laid back parts of Rhodes with an ambience that is all its own. Spend some time in this little gem and you will see why one visit is never enough. 

Below: A peacock pays a visit to Lia Studios

When to visit

The weather in Pefkos is perfect from May onwards and there are a lot of fabulous deals available. It might be paradise but it doesn't cost a fortune to get there.  You can find some great deals here.