Five ways to save money on holiday flights

The flights are often the most expensive part of any holiday abroad. Even when you select a budget airline for your exotic break with all the added extras it can really mount up especially if you are going on holiday with children too. Here's a few things you can do to keep the costs of flights down, when booking separately, so you have more money to spend on ice cream and cocktails on your trip away. 

1. Book your  holiday flights at the right time

The closer you book to your departure date the more expensive the tickets will be. As such it is best to book your flights as soon as they are released onto the site. This is usually a year before. You might think it is a long time to wait but it could save you a packet. If you must book later make sure it is around 12 weeks before departure. This is the second time in the year, you will find some great deals.

2.Take a carry on bag to save luggage costs

Hold baggage tends to cost around £30 per suitcase each way so if you are going for just a few days save yourself some cash by taking hand luggage only. Operator's rules vary but you can take around 10kg without paying any extra so if you can manage to travel light, it is well worth it. If you have young children it might be worth taking just one big bag for all your clothes rather than paying extra when their clothes are so small and light.

3.Skip the in flight meal

Those microwave meals that they serve on planes often cost around £15 each sometimes more. Take a pack lunch to save cash and get a meal you will enjoy. It is worth mentioning you can't take many fluids through customs so it is probably best to take some change to buy a drink to go with your packed lunch when you get on the plane.

4. Don't reserve seats

It is no secret that you are charged extra for reserved seats but did you know as long as you check in early you will be able to ensure you sit with your family or friends? You might be concerned that you won't get a seat, but they wouldn't have sold you the seat if there wasn't one available on the plane so even if you are one of the last to check in you will still be allocated a seat. 

5. Book your holiday insurance elsewhere

Holiday insurance is an added but necessary expense. Keep the cost of your holiday flights down by booking it with an insurance company and printing off your own policy documents. You will still be covered but it can be cheaper to get it elsewhere. Use comparison sites to get the best deal.