How to find cheap package holidays that offer value for money


Cheap package holidays seem to be everywhere these days but while price is probably a factor when you are choosing your holiday, it is important to remember that some low cost breaks don’t provide value for money. After all there is no point in spending your hard earned cash on a package holiday that you can’t wait to return from. But if you have never visited a resort or hotel then what can you do to ensure you make the right choice? Here’s a few tips to help you book a bargain break you will be happy with.

1.Research the area you are planning to visit

You might have heard you friends raving about a wonderful island or country but like the UK every city is different and the countryside offers different experiences to urban spaces. If you want a relaxing break you won’t want to stay in a lively resort no matter how nice the hotel looks, similarly if you want to party all night, a fishing village will probably kill your vibe. Read online reviews and plan ahead so you can find a resort that suits your holiday needs. Research will also help you get an idea of beauty spots, attractions and good restaurants/ bars in the local area.


2.Look at online reviews for the hotel

Lots of travel companies offer deals that seem to be great value but when you check out the online reviews you find that the guests are less than happy with their experience, the food is horrid, the staff are rude or the rooms aren’t clean. When reading the reviews do so with an open mind. Some people moan about everything and want 5 star service in a 2 star hotel but others make valid points. Consider how much time you will be spending in your hotel and room before dismissing basic accommodation. If you are up and out every day, extensive facilities might be a waste of money. However, if you prefer to stay local and laze by the pool most of the day then it is worth choosing a hotel with facilities that suit you. 

3.Think about the location

If there are places you are determined to visit or boat trips that you want to go on make sure you consider this before you book. Beach bums will probably want a hotel that is close to the beach or at least has a free shuttle bus to get them there. If you are a night owl then consider how close your accommodation is to clubs, bars or cabaret. Maybe you want a hotel with onsite entertainment?  Villas in the sticks are great if you want seclusion but if you want to be near all the action it could be a pain especially if there is no local transport or you don’t have a hire car.

4.What kind of package do you want?

 This will depend on whether you want to try out the local restaurants, explore at your own pace or have as much as possible included. Self-catering or room only package holidays tend to be cheaper, half board or B&B are good if you want some food included and all-inclusive is good if you want all your food and drinks included. Before deciding which one to go with, think about how much you eat, if you are prepared to come back in the middle of the day for lunch and how much you are likely to spend on food and drinks. Holidays with some food and drink included can be good value depending on your circumstances. However, it is worth checking out the details of the food on offer to ensure that they have meals and snacks you like. Even some all-inclusive hotels have restrictions and limited choice. Online reviews are often helpful if you have any doubts or want to know more.

5.Who are you travelling with?

 If you are travelling with friends or family members, what do they enjoy doing? If you have children then will you want holiday clubs or all day entertainment so that you can have a break. Most parents/carers will want at least a pool to keep them happy. Remember if they are happy, your holiday will be more relaxing.

6.Is the holiday ATOL protected?

Holidays are a massive expenditure and no one wants to lose their money if the holiday company goes bust. It is rare but it does happen. To ensure any money you have paid is protected make sure you have ATOL protection. Most reputable companies offer it and it is worth every penny for peace of mind. Steer clear of companies that don’t provide it.

7.Use an online holiday finder

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