10 holiday essentials that you shouldn't forget

It can be difficult to remember what to pack when you are going on holiday especially if you haven't been away for a while but forgetting those all important holiday essentials can prove a nightmare once you arrive so it is worth getting organised well in advance. Some people aren't happy unless they bring everything but the kitchen sink, but here's a few things even those who travel lightly won't be able to do without. 

1.Suntan lotion and aftersun

It is top of the list because nothing puts a dampener on a holiday like sunburn(apart from rain that is) but love it or hate it, suntan lotion will protect your skin from the rays and help you tan evenly. It is one of those holiday essentials that can be expensive in tourist destinations so get it before you go to avoid paying through the nose for it. Sun tan lotion doesn't just prevent your skin from nasties like premature ageing and tomato tans, it also helps your tan to last longer. Use a high factor (at least 30 or 50 if you are fair or have delicate skin) and re-apply regularly throughout the day. 

Tip:Avoid problems at the airport by packing your suntan lotion in the case that will go in the hold  instead of your hand luggage.

2. Toiletries are important when it comes to holiday essentials

As you are packing all your gorgeous outfits for the beach and evening it is easy to forget the basics. But save time searching round shops for toiletries by packing deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner,  a razor, shower gel/soap, brush or comb, sanitary towels/tampons (women/girls) just in case, and any other toiletries you use every day. 

Tip: Place your toiletries in a small bag inside your case to protect clothes against spillages 

3.A first aid kit is one of those holiday essentials many people forget

You don't need to bring a Red Cross starter kit with you but it can be helpful to pack some first aid products in a small bag. Plasters, antiseptic lotion and a gauze or two can come in handy. Don't forget to bring pain killers, antacid tablets. These can be a God send for hangovers or dodgy stomachs. 

4. Insect repellent kit

Mossies are the official sun holiday joy-killers. They bite you when you sleep, they attack you while you are relaxing, they destroy magical sunsets and leave your skin red itchy and uncomfortable. Holiday makers love to hate them but with an insect repellent kit you can fight back. That's why they are number four on the holiday essentials list. Use plugs containing mosquito  repellent in your room, during the day and while out opt for ointments and sprays containing Deet or wristbands if they work better for you but make sure you protect yourself. Antihistamines can reduce swelling and irritation if you do get bit.  

5. Sunglasses

They don't just make you look cool and look great with a tan sunglasses will protect your eyes and can prevent headaches when you are out and about. Make sure they have UV protection and choose a neutral design so they goes with a range of outfits. 

6. A beach towel 

Great for round the pool and lying on the beach. They keep you comfortable and fit round you when you emerge from the ocean cold and in need of comfort. 

7. Flip flops

Easy to slip on and quick to dry, flip flops have stood the test of time for a reason. Choose a pair in a neutral colour and they will go with everything  day or night. They are light weight, comfortable and cheap as chips to buy. 

8. Plug adapter for the country you are going to

Whether you want to charge your phone, plug in your hairdryer or boost the battery on your tablet you are going to need an adapter. You can buy them fairly cheaply and they will ensure you can keep everything fulled juiced up while on your jollies. 

9. Plane travel kit 

Let's face it travelling can be long-winded and uncomfortable so make your flight more enjoyable by preparing for it. Choose warm comfortable clothes for the flight. The air-con makes it cold when you are flying so don't make the mistake of wearing shorts and t-shirt. Pack snacks you like and bring a book or some form of entertainment to keep you occupied during the flight. If you want to sleep on the plane bring a travel neck pillow, and don't forget your headphones. If you are happy time will fly (pun intended).

10. A beach bag or rucksack for taking to the beach or on day trips

Holiday makers often forget to bring a bag with them on their holidays and end up having to carry all their items in their hands. This can be annoying and you can end up losing things. As such when it comes to your list of holiday essentials then a bag should definitely be on it. ( a plastic carrier bag doesn't count).  Make sure it is big enough to carry a towel, sun cream and a bottle of water and you are good to go. 

Hopefully this list helped get you started. Have a great holiday and don't forget your holiday insurance.